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Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman
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We decided to contact Green Attic while comparing quotes for home energy efficiency/insulation. During the home inspection, Tim found that our attic was covered in black mold, which a competing inspector failed to uncover, and then prescribed the appropriate options for our home. Tim and his crew then came out to remove the old insulation, clear/kill all the mold in the attic, remedy issues that were causing the mold in the first place (insufficient ventilation and blocked soffits), and finally re-insulate our attic/basement. The work was intense, but Tim's transparency with the process and willingness to educate us on the problems that we were having were what sold us. We also appreciated that Tim was able to work in some added value into his services without charging us the difference. Green Attic takes pride in their work and does a thorough job. Highly recommend.
 Phillip Stalley
Phillip Stalley
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Highly recommend! Green Attic is thorough, responsive, and professional. Although it has only been a month since we had the work done, the results are clear. Our house is more comfortable, while our gas consumption is down ~30% and electricity is down ~25%.
John Alexis
John Alexis
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I was very impressed with their services. From start to finish everything was done professionally. I couldn’t ask for a better job done. Mr James Minsky made sure All the work was done right.

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Here at Green Attic Insulation, we want you to save time and money, while sparing the environment in the process. That’s why we provide attic insulation services and consultations, helping you to pinpoint the major points of heat transfer out of your home and into the surrounding area. We help you to properly seal and insulate your home so your bill reflects immediate savings on the next pay period. Best of all, you and your family can enjoy nice, cozy, and warm temperatures at a very affordable price.

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Attic Insulation Cost

Attic insulation cost per sq ft. Material Comparison R-Value $ cost fiberglass / cellulose/ spray foam Determine cost/value ratio and measure performance? R49 is minimum

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Attic Storage Without Compromising Insulation Performance

Green Attic typically adds 2×6 framing over the top of existing framing ( taking into account the mechanicals, pipes, conduit, and other landmines on the attic floor, a raised platform provides a smooth surface for storage. This method like some of the above methods reduces head clearance and storage space but does not compromise the insulation.

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5 Types of Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation Lower ambient temperatures and remove humidity. Keep out pests and control air quality.  5 Types Of Attic Ventilation There are five main types

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10 questions to ask your insulation estimator.

Thinking about getting more insulation? Did your roofer or HVAC technician point out inadequate insulation? Did your inspection report recommend insulation. Stop. Read this first. Here are 10 questions to ask your estimator to take control of the process

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Cellulose R Value insulation comparison

What is a Home Energy Audit? 3 Ways to Benefit

An energy audit generally consists of air leakage detection and identification, insulation evaluation, house heating system evaluation, water heating evaluation, appliance evaluation, computer and electronics evaluation, doors and windows, evaluation, lighting evaluation, personal habits, blower door test for CFM and ACH, and a summary report.

We focus on the customers concern, the reason for the call, so the general items listed on a typical audit may or may not take center stage during the audit. The homeowner relies on us to direct the conversation towards truth, fact based building science, and energy conservation.

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How To Prevent Ice Dams in 3 Impactful Ways

An Icicle is simply a measuring stick of heat loss from the attic. Ice dams form when snow melts on the top, warmer part of a roof, water flows down to the colder eave overhang, where it refreezes. As the ice accumulates, it forms a blockage that prevents additional snowmelt from flowing off the roof. It can be prevented by adding insulation, proper air sealing and ventilation of the attic.

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