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    Why Green Attic Insulation For My Project?

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    Free Infrared Camera Inspection

    This photo of a living room in Park Ridge Illinois in 2021 during a routine infrared camera inspection is a great example of the deficiencies of fiberglass insulation ( the fiberglass sags over time) . There are several options for solving this issue, including exterior air sealing to prevent air intake at the base of the foundation to top bottom plate of the wall framing. Additionally the walls can be accessed from the interior by drilling holes in the drywall and dense packing cellulose insulation between stud cavities. The studs will still transfer cold air in winter and warm air in summer ( called Thermal Bridging ) as there is little to no R-Value in the framing members themselves. To truly prevent the image in this photo a layer of rigid foam board over the studs on the exterior beneath the exterior siding would be recommended. Problem: the furnace is constantly working against these cold spots making the living room uncomfortable drafty and cold. Solution: dense pack cellulose to existing walls between stud cavities and air sealing exterior seams contributing to cold air intake. Call now for a free inspection or fill out our contact form.

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    1. Wind Effect
    2. Stack Effect
    3. Combustion and Ventilation

    Prevent Drafts ! A Drafty Home is a result of broken caulk and sealants around the building envelope.

    Three types of air exchanges occur within your home’s (conditioned) space.   This is the insulation supplement secret to your healthy comfortable home.

    Attic Insulation Cost R-Value Per Inch Benefit

    Having proper insulation in your home, especially in your attic, is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing your heating and cooling energy costs. That’s because a poorly insulated attic space will allow warm air to escape your home and cold air to enter. With the exact opposite effect in summer time. The higher the Rvalue- the higher your insulation benefits. (click on the title to read more)

    Cellulose Insulation For Your Home

    Cellulose insulation is safe. It is made of recycled paper, but the chemical treatment with boric acid (salt) provides it with permanent fire resistance. Many professionals consider cellulose to be more fire-safe and energy efficient than fiberglass. This claim rests on the fact that cellulose fibers are more tightly packed, effectively choking all cavities of combustion air, preventing the spread of fire, heat and cold through framing cavities.

    Air quality is addressed from a whole house perspective

    Home insulation supplements air sealing to keep your house as efficient as possible resulting in less furnace cycles and lower bills. On cold days, heat can leak up and out through the attic ; when it’s hot, heat is blocked from making the second floor too warm. Air quality is addressed from a whole house perspective and it improves indoor air quality.

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    From Exterior / Interior Wall Insulation Cellulose

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    dense pack cellulose exterior walls green attic insulation elmhurst illinois
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    cut an opening in the roof
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    apply sealant to fan
    Attic Insulation 18
    install solar fan in opening
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    secure and apply sealant
    mold treatment mold prevention attic mold
    Mold Caused By Inadequate Insulation and Ventilation
    2021 mold treatment mold prevention attic mold buffalo grove Illinois
    Mold Treatment Removes Staining In Hours
    can lights air paths swiss cheese ceiling green attic insulation air seal can lights
    can lights leaking air
    dense pack garage ceiling cellulose insulation
    garage ceiling
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    attic floor can lights covers
    cold spots in corner house drafty cold thermal scan energy audit green attic insulaition
    leaks around trim on first floor framing
    thermal imaging infrared inspection scan green attic insulation copyright radiant heating in ceiling
    heated lines in ceiling
    thermal imaging scan bedroom over garage cold : warm air movement heat escape e4 flir cam green attic insulation
    drafty cold seams of walls from framing
    Attic Insulation 21
    Before : Staple Netting To Ceiling
    Attic Insulation 22
    After : Dense Packed Cellulose Between Studs For Sound Absorption

    Common problems with your homes existing attic insulation may include : 

    • not enough insulation (below current standards)
    • wet insulation 
    • compressed insulation
    • rodents damaged insulation
    • un-insulated exhaust ducts
    • recessed lights ( can lights / pot lights ) – risk of overheating 
    • mold

    How much R-value can you get for $3 per square foot? Cellulose R21. Fiberglass R15.

    How much R-value can you get for $4 per square foot?  Mineral Wool R23. Spray Foam R21.

    Insulation cost per sq ft

    Attic Insulation 23

    Comfortable Doesn't Have to be Costly

    Attic insulation can reduce heating bills by up to 50%. Get a free estimate from our team of insulation experts.

    • No more drafty rooms
    • Better air quality
    • Pay less on your heating & cooling bills
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                           We are BPI Certified Contractor

    BPI has the highest standards in energy efficiency and green building. That’s why all our technicians are BPI certified.  BPI Requires professionals to stay up to date, so you know that everyone licensed through BPI is fully up to date on new research & technology.

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