Our Green Attic Team of Roofing Experts Provide Top Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing Services throughout the Chicagoland area.

Residential & Commercial Roofing​

Choosing a roofer for your home or business can be daunting, Green Attic is here to help. Whether your roof needs repairs or you’re looking for a complete commercial, residential, or metal roofing system, we have the solution for your roofing project.

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Residential Roofing Services

Whether you need a minor repair or complete roof replacement, Green Attic is an expert in all aspects of roofing. We understand that your home is a significant investment. So you’ll get a superior product and a residential roofing professional to guide you through the entire process. Whether in Chicago or the suburbs, a sturdy and long-lasting roof is essential in providing shelter for you and your family.

roof Replacement

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Your roofing system is your home’s first and most important line of defense against the elements. So, if your roof has been damaged in a recent storm or is showing clear signs of aging, don’t trust the repair or replacement to just any roofing contractor. Green Attic provides homeowners a superior remodeling experience. We never waver in our commitment to ensuring every customer receives industry-leading value for their investment. You can expect every aspect of your project to be completed with the utmost professionalism. Our knowledgeable consultants will carefully explain all of your options, enabling you to make an informed decision for your home. And, we’ll always be honest about the best solution for your needs. Call 847-929-9492 to learn more about the options available.

roof Repairs

Every homeowner knows how important their roof is for their home’s overall protection. Unfortunately, minor problems with your roofing can lead to massive headaches down the line. That’s why it’s so critical to replace or repair your roof if it has been damaged. Homeowners in the Chicagoland area can count on the expert team at Green Attic for their roof repairs.

When to Call the Experts

Many homeowners wait until it’s too late and call roofers only after they’ve noticed leaks. However, there are other warning signs to look out for. If you notice any of these signs, you should call us:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Cracked and curling shingles
  • Visible hail damage
  • Pooling water

Before work begins on your roof, a thorough inspection from a knowledgeable roofer is critical. Our seasoned roofers will take a holistic look at your roof to identify trouble areas that may need attention. Then, based on the extent and severity of the damage, many possible remedies can be prescribed.

We offer all types of residential roofing systems, including:

There’s no shortage of roofing contractors who will push products based on their bottom lines. At Green Attic, that’s not how we do things. We offer only the industry’s best-performing roofing systems from highly regarded manufacturers. When you partner with us, there will be no limit to the style of roof you can create for your home. We offer:

  • Asphalt Shingle roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Flat and sloped roofing systems
  • Green roofing
  • Cedar Shake roofing
  • Synthetic roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

Our experienced roofing crew installs all types of industrial and commercial roofs. Green Attic knows Illinois state and local building codes for YOUR industry and will ensure your roofing system meets or exceeds them. Whether it’s a simple repair or an entire replacement, we provide the people you can trust.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

Commercial roof leaks can be caused by severe weather, poor drainage, membrane puncture, damaged flashing, and aging/wear and tear. No matter the cause, when your commercial roof is leaking, pooling, or needs restoration, call Green Attic for commercial roof leak repair you can count on.

Call 847-929-9492 and we’d be happy to evaluate all of your commercial roofing needs!

Commercial Roof
Model Total Rebates Program Name
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
Federal Tax Credit - Air Source Heat Pump - $300
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800