Attic Mold Remediation

Attic mold is often found growing on the north side of roof sheathing because mold grows where there is no sunlight ( radiation).   Attic mold highlights a list of problems with the insulation and ventilation. 

When attic mold is discovered, a response is needed. 

  1. Do nothing. 
  2. Treat the mold temporarily. 
  3.  Treat and prevent the mold by eliminating the cause. 

What Is Attic Mold? 

Mold spores are everywhere in nature and play an important role in breaking down organic matter. Mold spores feed on the underlayment ( plywood ) which is organic. 

Attic mold growth is a result of optimal environmental conditions. 

How To Identify Attic Mold

Why Does Mold Grow In The Attic? 

Common roof materials are asphalt shingles over wood underlayment ( plywood ) which is organic. When mold begins to grow / thrive on the underside of the roof, it indicates the attic is gaining heat from the living space below in winter as it rises.  When the attic bypass is connected to living space,  it is unhealthy to the occupant, and makes it difficult to keep the bedrooms below the attic warm during winter .

 Mold growth in the attic may be a sign of poor ventilation along with unintentional heat escape from the living space meeting cold vented air and condensation forming on the underside of the roof feeding mold growth. 

 What Causes Attic Mold?

Attic mold is caused by optimal conditions for any mold growth. Have you noticed moss grows on the north side of the tree trunk or river rock? This is everywhere in nature as the shaded side of the rock or tree receives no solar radiation to slow or eliminate the wet, dark, and/or  moist condition.  Mold grows where conditions are optimal. Attic mold highlights a list of other attic problems whose signs of a problem and solutions may overlap. 

Black Mold In Attic

The Issue? How Is It Affecting Me And The Home? 

Attic mold affects the human body’s natural immunity system by lowering its ability to fight off common colds and viruses due to the exposure of mycotoxins and molds, and this is especially challenging for folks with compromised immune systems. 

This means the home with attic mold is preventing the occupants from being as healthy and strong as possible. 

What Are The Risks Of Attic Mold? 

Attic mold  goes beyond allergy symptoms if there is significant growth. Since mold can grow to visible conditions in less than 48 hours with optimal conditions, it is possible to develop mycotoxin poisoning symptoms without knowing mold growth has began in the attic. One summer check of the attic shows no signs of mold, and a winter check may show extensive significant black microbial growth on the underside of the roof. 

Attic Mold
Attic Mold

How Much Does It Cost To Treat The Mold?

Using  new generation professional grade mold professional restoration products for mold control, mold stain removal, and mold prevention to create a non-organic surface.  Attic mold treatment is two parts. Part 1 is attic mold treatment using mold control and mold stain removal $1.40 per square ft. and the square footage is measured for the entire attic sheathing perimeter, not just where visile mold growth is identified by color differences from the natural wood. Part 2  is mold prevention clear / white coating to turn the wood organic surface into a non-organic surface to which mold spores cannot readily grow on.

Will The Mold Return? 

The mold may return, under challenging attic conditions such as poor ventilation, excess water on property, lack of direct sunlight, heat escape from the living space through lower R-Value wall assemblies, and more.  The important difference between Green Attic and common mold treatment professionals is the warranty

Yes warranty. Green Attic guarantees our work will not produce more mold as a result of blowing in insulation. We specify and provide this warranty because some insulation companies unknowingly make a common mistake when “topping it off “ with more fiberglass insulation only to block and clog soffits, stifling ventilation and placing insulation too close to the sheathing. 

If mold returns, Green Attic will come back and re-evaluate the cause and treatment and remedy the mold. The warranty is based on the facts that our mold prevention and mold cause treatment are identified and remedied. 

Getting Rid Of Attic Mold
Getting Rid Of Attic Mold

How Can You Control The Mold? 

Using  new generation professional grade mold professional restoration products for mold control, mold stain removal, and mold prevention to create a non-organic surface. This surface treatment in conjunction with proper ventilation to move excess opposing temperatures out of the attic, as the goal of the attic is to keep it as close to outside temperatures as possible. 

Air seal the attic floor to create a complete pressure barrier (air stop) for the conditioned living space, and prevent conditioned heat or air conditioning temperatures from interacting with the attic environment. 

Attic Mold Conclusion 

If you discover attic mold during a routine inspection or home inspection, take action to treat and prevent  the mold from returning.

  1. Air Seal the Attic Floor to stop mixed conditioned air from leaving the bedrooms to the attic. 
  2. Add ventilation to the attic using the proper ratio of intake and exhaust ( attic ventilation is a system). 
  3. Eliminate the mold by treating the surface in three easy step, 1. treatment 2. stain / spore removal 3. Non organic clear or paint spray coating on the sheathing.
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