Basement / Crawlspace Insulation

Create a clean dry comfortable basement year round. 

Basement Wall Insulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Rim Joist Insulation

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Types Of Basement Insulation

Heat will always travel warmer to cooler areas  until there is no longer a temperature difference. Insulation retains heat by resistance to flow. Tiny air particles trapped in the insulating material resist the movement of heat (and cold).

Basement insulation can be fiberglass below grade, mineral wool for ceiling of furnace room , cellulose above grade / interior walls and ceiling, closed cell spray foam for rim joist, and more. Basement insulation can be done with closed cell spray foam directly applied to foundation walls creating a moisture ( water), pressure ( air ), and thermal barrier for the walls and box sill.

Dense-Pack Cellulose Between Framing

Cellulose Insulation Basement Walls

Northern Climates like Chicago have insulation on basement / crawlspace walls  with cellulose above grade and fiberglass below grade. Things to factor in basement insulation are : 

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Existing Drywall On Basement Walls Below Grade

Basement insulation ( below grade ) insulation is commonly done with fiberglass or cellulose if there is a vapor barrier installed before insulating. Important to consider water management around the property before finishing a basement to ensure basement waterproofing is satisfactory before closing off access. Don’t insulate a wet basement. 

Photo Before:  Gravel Floor / Uninsulated Walls / Leaky Box Sill and Rim Joist

Crawl Space Encapsulation : before

Crawl space encapsulation is also done to prevent moisture mold mildew and rodent issues. It creates a clean durable finished space suitable for storage and climate control. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation includes spray foam around seams and box sill, and a vapor barrier over gravel or dirt floors. If the floor is concrete, no vapor barrier is necessary. 

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Photo After:  Sealed Vapor Barrier Clean White Floor / Spray Foam Insulation On Walls / Sealed Box Sill and Rim Joist

Crawl Space Encapsulation : after

  • Crawlspace Safe for Storage 
  • Clean
  • Air Quality Control
  • Recommend Humidifier for Moist Climates
  • Rim Joist / Box Sill Sealed 
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Insulating your basement can reduce energy cost and provide a heightened sense of comfort to your home.  Save time, money and improve performance by hiring green Attic to do the job for you. Our service comes with a 5-year warranty and a job done right attitude. Our focus in on air quality, a sealed building envelope, and lower costs for heating and cooling. 

  • Vapor Barrier Basement Insulation Considerations 
  • Moisture Considerations 
  • R-Value and Insulation Variables 
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