Basement Insulation

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Basement Insulation Choices

Insulating your basement can reduce energy cost and provide a heightened sense of comfort to your home.  Save time, money and improve performance by hiring green Attic to do the job for you. Our service comes with a 5-year warranty and a job done right attitude. Our focus in on air quality, a sealed building envelope, and lower costs for heating and cooling. 

You can choose the right insulation for your space. Alternatives are 

  • fiberglass 
  • vapor barrier
  • closed cell spray foam 
  • cellulose above grade 
  • mineral wool insulation 
  • rigid foam board 
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    Benefits of Basement insulation

    Energy Efficient

    By insulating your basement, you'll be able to keep heat in inside for longer while reducing the energy it takes to keep your home comfortable

    Sound Barrier

    What many people overlook is how effective insulation can be at minimizing how far the sound will travel.

    Prevents Freezing

    We all know the damage that comes from water pipes freezing in your house. Insulation can help you avoid this catastrophe

    What our customer say

    "Excellent! Dumitru was extremely professional and easy to deal with. His staff was equally as professional and they did a great job. They did not leave a mess and were able to come back on a 2nd day in order to accommodate our schedule. All I can say is that the work was fantastic and their price was dead-on. Blown-in insulation went well and they did a thorough job preparing/ air sealing the attic beforehand. I would highly recommend them and you should not worry about allowing them into your home."
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