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Surface Temperature Differences Create Condensation When Vapor Passes Through

Temperatures differ between interior and exterior, these temperatures bring vapor in the form of moisture. This is a common example of window condensation in winter. If the window is wood ( organic surface) it can easily be affected by mold and eventually rot. 

Keeping the surface temperature above dew point will help reduce condensation. Common locations for condensation are : 

interior moisture can reach outside sheathing and create condensation 

The Dew Point is the temperature at which this water vapor being held in the air condenses into a liquid. So, higher relative humidity the closer the dew point will be to the temperature of the air. 

Check For Mold


For more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature control, optimum energy efficiency, insulation does well, but it leads to another problem humidity relative to outside temperature and air flow.

Imagine a cave with no wind or breeze, no sunlight, and no air movement, it would be wet, damp, soggy, moist year round; now imagine just the opposite, a healthy ventilated sunlit fresh air temperature controlled room.  

Preventing Mold Inside Walls And On Attic Sheathing 

Vapor Barrier: Advanced Moisture Control

If using a porous insulation material such as cellulose or fiberglass, a vapor retarder is absolutely necessary to prevent the water vapor from passing through the insulation and condensing.

The Vapor Barrier should be on the warm side of the room in Chicago winter’s, but the location of the vapor barrier varies in other climates around the US.  

Air should not pass through the building envelope into the wall cavity through unintentional gaps on the buildings envelope. A Sealed Cavity is essential and supplemental to insulation. 


Extreme Conditions Causing

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