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Existing R-Value

Does your existing insulation meet current standards? More Importantly does if function as intended? Performance is measured in R-Value. R-Value is a scale of heat retention. Often Insulation is improperly installed, leaving gaps and cracks for air to travel through. Lastly, air quality is an important test.


R-value tells us how well insulation can resist heat flow.

R= Resistance to heat escape.

  • Attics is R-49/60 
  • Sidewalls R-21
  • Cantilevered Floors R-38
  • Transition Walls R-21
  • Basement Walls R-13
  • Crawlspace Walls R-21

Illinois current standards are moving closer to a 4.0 Air Exchange Rate and R-values consistent with optimal standards. 

Cost difference
vs r-value difference

What is the difference in cost of different insulation materials to achieve same R-Value?

Choosing the right

Illinois current standards for construction.

From mineral wool to radiant barriers, spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, foam board insulation, blown in cellulose insulation or some other less common form such as sheep’s wool, denim or others, each is measured in terms of its R-Value.

In Chicago, current standards are measured in R-Value ( the resistance to heat escape ) measured on a scale from 0-70 for all intended purposes of this example. 

Current Insulation

In the Chicagoland area you need to have between R-38 and R-60. Realistically, you should be at R-49 or higher.

If you live in an older home, you should have more insulation because it is likely not air sealed the same way a newer home is.

The right type of insulation to use really depends on how each home is built. If you have dropped ceilings, we can often use spray foam insulation. However in other cases blown insulation works best.

Let our insulation experts talk to you about your home and what would be best for you.

Attic insulation cost is between $1.50 and $3.50 per sq.ft. depending on the type of insulation we use, sq.ft. of the house and roof type.

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If you are looking for a company that couples outstanding work with outstanding customer service, then Green Attic Insulation is who you should definitely call. I truly wish I would have called them years ago as I have been putting off suspected issues that centered around extreme temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, along with poor ventilation, within my attic.

Theo James

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James is prompt, thorough, and personable -- responded to my website inquiry right away and made it easy to schedule an appointment (still haven't heard back from the competition -- that was three days ago). He provided a detailed and professional quote within minutes of being on site and saved me from spending $20k on an unnecessary new roof! I'm glad I contacted Green Attic.

Emilia Munro

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Highly recommend! Green Attic is thorough, responsive, and professional. Although it has only been a month since we had the work done, the results are clear. Our house is more comfortable, while our gas consumption is down ~30% and electricity is down ~25%.

Branden Griffiths

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