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Solve House Mold For Good. Stop paying to treat the mold instead of treating the cause.

Mold found in attics should be remediated by treating the cause. 

Determine the cause of the mold prior to paying for mold treatment or mold prevention. 

Mold is caused by heat escape from the living space in winter up to the attic creating a humid environment. 

This humidity stays at the top of the attic under the roofing sheathing the moisture will feed present mold spores. 

If ventilation does not adequately remove excess heat escape from the living space the heat will prematurely melt roof snow creating a serious situation with icicles and the potential for ice dams. 

Ventilation can dissipate the heat moisture and condensation will feed mold growth. 

The best solution is to prevent heat escape from the pressure barrier of the living space and conditioned building envelope. 

Mold Prevention means treating the cause along with the affected surfaces. 

  • Mold is an organism that can be found indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold growth is found indoors where indoor moisture is present.Treat Attic Mold By Prevention. 
  • Attic Mold needs a moisture presence such as condensation from temperature differences on the attic sheathing, damp shower, window condensation, and other vulnerable locations with an organic surface such as wood, paper, cloth, and dust. 

Green Attic treats the cause of the mold in attics by eliminating heat escape from the living space producing condensation against the roof deck. 

Mold removal

Five year warranty. we Treat the Cause of the Mold

We see a lot of real estate buyer inspections discovering mold and simply treating the mold instead of the cause 

Your immune health:

Mold spots are a very serious threat to the well being of every individual in your house.  Mold can lead to many respiratory problems for anyone regardless of their age or physical health. Your pet can and will be affected negatively as well. Sneezing, itching wheezing, all with a lack of fleas/ticks are signs mold may be an intruder in your home.

When mold grows indoors, the occupants of a building may smell a damp moldy odor and a variety of symptoms including:

  • Aggravated asthma symptoms
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Headaches 

These and other symptoms may be associated with exposure to mold. But all of these symptoms may be caused by other exposures or conditions unrelated to mold growth. Therefore, it is important not to assume that, whenever any of these symptoms occurs, mold is the cause.

Why our customers trust us to remove the mold:

Stripping away the infected area will not solve the mold problem. Unfortunately most of the time, mold will return. The truth is unless the area is treated as properly, mold spores that cling to dust and other organic materials will fester and bloom into another problem area. 

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    Mold Treatment Services

    Attic Mold Inspection

    Visual inspection of customer indicated water damaged and/or mold odor areas using FLIR Thermographic scan and moisture meter to identify areas of high moisture.

    Attic Mold Treatment Plan

    Mold Treatment and Mold Prevention

    Attic Mold Attack Plan

    Includes quote for eliminating the cause of the mold and offering a five year warranty.

    Some compounds produced by molds have strong smells and are volatile and quickly released into the air. These compounds are known as microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). Because mVOCs often have strong or unpleasant odors, they can be the source of the “moldy odor” or musty smell frequently associated with mold growth. A moldy odor suggests that mold is growing in the building and should be investigated.

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    • High humidity (60% relative humidity).
    • One function of the building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is to remove moisture from the air before the air is distributed throughout the building.
    • If the HVAC system is turned off during or shortly after major cleaning efforts that involve a lot of water, such as mopping and carpet shampooing or cleaning, the humidity may rise greatly, and moisture or mold problems may develop.
    • Condensation can be a sign of high humidity. When warm, humid air contacts a cold surface, condensation may form. (To see this, remove a cold bottle of water from a refrigerator and take it outside on a hot day. Typically, condensation will form on the outside of the bottle.)
    • Humidity can be measured with a humidity gauge or meter; models that can monitor both temperature and humidity are generally available for less than $50 online. 


    Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent — ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible. Low humidity may also discourage pests (such as cockroaches) and dust mites.

    Humidity levels can rise in a building as a result of the use of:

    • Humidifiers
    • Steam radiators
    • Moisture-generating appliances such as dryers
    • Combustion appliances such as stoves
    • showers 
    • heat escape from the attic floor to roof deck 

    Heat escape from the living space is a big contributor to mold growth as a result of cold air from the soffits or roof vents  hitting warm air from the living space that leaked out through the attic floor seams. This is evident from the exterior when icicles are present. Often the attic sheathing ( roof deck ) will  have mold, why? because the heat escape from the living space is creating both condensation and warming of the roof deck. 

    Jason Brashares
    Jason Brashares
    Green Attic Insulation Energy Audit Customer
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    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I purchased the Energy Audit and I couldn't be happier with the results. After consulting with several different companies about my home's thermal efficiency/heat loss issues, I wasn't satisfied at all. It seems that almost any contractor I talked to just wanted to recommend their own solution, rather than help me accurately diagnose the issues. One company said I needed to spray foam the rim joists (they're a spray foam co.), another said I need to blow cellulose into the wall cavities from the outside of the house (just happens to be their specialty), another individual contractor told me to frame one specific room and use fiberglass batting (I guess that's just what he knows best). You get what you pay for and no free quote is free when all you ever get is a recommendation to do what the company likes to do best. So I decided to pay for an energy audit in an attempt to get an unbiased opinion of the real issues so I could make the best decision and hopefully not waste money doing this piecemeal without a holistic understanding or a good/better/solution. Tim from Green Attic Insulation was incredibly thorough and interactive, showing me every cold spot in the house with a thermal camera, then setup a blower door and showed me again how air was getting in and causing most of the issues. We talked about the basement, the attic, the walls and how his experience with other homes in the area informed his understanding of the issues in my home. That's exactly what you should look for in a contractor, someone who is willing to take a close look, explain the science, give recommendations without getting the work, and follow-up with all results and photos, regardless of further work. You have to pay for that, you can't just hope that you get it from a free quote. Best part: Tim gave me pointers on how to address many of the issues myself since I'm comfortable doing some things myself. I also got quotes for further work if I wanted to take it to the next level after I've addressed the quick wins on my own, and those quotes were very reasonable and competitive.
    Adam Kellerman
    Adam Kellerman
    Green Attic Insulation Client April 2021
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    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value David and his team were great to work with from start to finish!! Great price, great service and wonderful product. If you are looking for an insulation upgrade I highly recommend Green Attic.
    Michael Goodman
    Michael Goodman
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    Tim and his crew then came out to remove the old insulation, clear/kill all the mold in the attic, remedy issues that were causing the mold in the first place (insufficient ventilation and blocked soffits), and finally re-insulate our attic/basement. The work was intense, but Tim's transparency with the process and willingness to educate us on the problems that we were having were what sold us. We also appreciated that Tim was able to work in some added value into his services without charging us the difference.