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What Type Of Insulation Does Green Attic blow in Attics?

Green Attic Insulation Sources Its Cellulose From Wisconsin, USA learn more about Champion Cellulose @ https://www.championinsulation.com/Homeowners/index.php
Loose Fill Premium Class 1 Cellulose Insulation is the best choice for attic floors. It is blown in with high pressure truck mounted machines. This R-Value ( Resistance Value) protection against heat escape from the living space while providing superior heat protection in the hot summer by preventing heat to travel through the insulation to the living space ceilings.


Attic Ventilation 


Conditioned or unconditioned? Vented or unvented? 

If an attic has any vents at all, it is considered vented / unconditioned. Read More on the ventilation page here. 

Traditional Attics should be a rain shed only vented well like an army pup tent

How long will this job take?  Will we be allowed to be on premise when the work is being done?   In reading the quote, we are leaving the existing insulation in the attic, but sealing it better and adding more insulation.  Is this correct? In the quote, I don’t see any reference to insulating the area over the house entrance/under the closet floor.  This is an area of concern that I feel needs to be addressed.  Could we see some suggestions for making this area of the house warm? In the notes of the quote, it states that the water heater should be a 90%+ direct vented model.  How can I determine if my existing model meets this requirement? If I need mechanical ventilation, how is that determined?  How much will that cost for a house my size? If I use a debit card to pay for this, does it qualify for the 5% discount?