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Residential & Commercial Disinfection and Decontamination

green Attic Infection Control Services

Green Attic offers residential and commercial infection control services for Office Buildings, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Stadiums, Locker Rooms, and More throughout Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs.

Green Attic is committed to providing practical, evidence-based, and sustainable healthy solutions that effectively limit the frequency and consequences of infection in any setting focusing on location- specific priorities.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Green Attic is staffed, ready, and capable to assist your organization and property affected by this growing crisis. We offer a variety of services for disinfection or decontamination to any of the following industries including, but not limited to, hospitals, health departments, school districts, nursing homes, shopping malls, day care centers, colleges & universities, airports, municipal buildings, sports arenas, theaters, restaurants, gyms & workout centers, hotels and office buildings.

Services Offered

  • Complete Room Disinfection and Decontamination
  • High Touch Surface Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Emergency Outbreak Disinfection
    • Emergency Response to an outbreak at a facility
  • Maintenance Infection Control and Disinfection
    • Scheduled routine disinfection services to help reduce the bacteria count from growing within a facility
  • Containment Services
    • Construction of and maintenance of temporary containment within a facility. Negative and positive air supply. HEPA air filtration and air quality control
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American Council for Accredited Certification CEICRA focused on the CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control

Green Attic is committed to highest compliance standards for the construction, mitigation or restoration of facilities.  These standards are specifically designed to reduce or eliminate exposure to contaminants and/or pathogens and their impact on the efficacy of products, safety of workers, and employees during and after any construction or mitigation/restoration process.

Employee Training & Personal Protective Equipment

We have trained employees who maintain appropriate social distance throughout the workday and the critical importance of personal hygiene. We also provide our employees with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) where necessary so they can perform their work safely and with confidence.   We are using our PPE normally reserved for mold and disinfection treatment (P100 ) and not N-95 masks which are desperately needed for healthcare workers and first responders. All cleaning equipment is cleaned and disinfected after every job for the health and safety of our employees and to limit any risk of transfer. This process is repeated  at the beginning and end of each workday along with a complete cleaning and disinfection of our service vehicles.

Infection Control Services


The greatest benefit of the technology, aside from the efficacy, is that the non-corrosive formula makes it safe for use on electronics, medical and technical devices as well as over 39 metals, rubbers and plastics.  Finally, the treatment takes minutes to complete for most spaces. The system itself is entirely mobile while solution is fully transportable and storable with no special MSDS, OSHA or DOT licensing or shipping and handling requirements.