Ice Dam Removal / Prevention

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Due to major ice dam problems in the area, we prioritize only on houses that have a lot of ice accumulation with roof collapse danger and with already water damage intrusion in the house. 
Please send pictures of 4 sides of the house so we can further assist you. 
Our crews are trying to get to as many houses as possible for help but we can not guarantee same week service and we are in the process of adding extra equipment to assist more people in need.
Green Attic strongly recommends adding more insulation, air seal and properly ventilating the attic to minimize the ice dam problem.
The prices are starting from $2400 for ice removal. 
We recommend calling your insurance to check if you have coverage to pay for ice dam removal so it doesn’t cause a bigger issue with your roof or if you already have roof damage and water intrusion if that’s covered as part of fixing the issue.
As part of our services we also offer water mitigation services: fans and dehumidifiers to dry it out and remove wet drywall, spray mold prevention solutions and repair everything back. 

What Are Ice Dams?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Figure 1 shows a cross section of a home with an ice dam.

Ice Dam
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    Ice Dam

    Visible Evidence of Ice Dams

    Ice at the eaves

    Icicles hanging on the roof for long periods of time

    Water stains under the eaves

    Water stains and damage visible on exterior walls. 

    can you Remove An Ice Dam Yourself?

    The short answer is yes.

    3 Steps To Eliminating An Ice Dam:

    1. Shovel off snow close to the ledge
    2. Use a shovel or pick to clear the ice by the ledge
    3. Use ice melting chemicals to prevent future build-up (this is a short term solution)

    Best Practice:

    The only long-term solution is to have proper insulation so the roof won’t reach temperatures capable of creating Ice dams. That’s where we come in!

    ice dam

    Take advantage of $700 instant rebate if you have less than 6 inches of insulation.

    Jim Cone
    Jim Cone
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    "Recently did my home. Tim and the Addison crew came out and did my attic properly as it should’ve been done the first time. Explained every single question (i had a lot) i had before and during the job. Tim made sure during the job they were doing the air sealing properly because that’s what makes the biggest difference in keeping the cool/heat in the house and so that it doesn’t get lost in translation somewhere in in the attic. Highly recommend and speak with Tim when doing work in your property!"
    Miles Pfefferle
    Miles Pfefferle
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    James is prompt, thorough, and personable -- responded to my website inquiry right away and made it easy to schedule an appointment (still haven't heard back from the competition -- that was three days ago). He provided a detailed and professional quote within minutes of being on site and saved me from spending $20k on an unnecessary new roof! I'm glad I contacted Green Attic.
    Michael Goodman
    Michael Goodman
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    Tim and his crew then came out to remove the old insulation, clear/kill all the mold in the attic, remedy issues that were causing the mold in the first place (insufficient ventilation and blocked soffits), and finally re-insulate our attic/basement. The work was intense, but Tim's transparency with the process and willingness to educate us on the problems that we were having were what sold us. We also appreciated that Tim was able to work in some added value into his services without charging us the difference.