Testing Existing Insulation Performance

Does your existing insulation meet current standards? More Importantly does if function as intended? Performance is measured in R-Value. R-Value is a scale of heat retention. Often Insulation is improperly installed, leaving gaps and cracks for air to travel through. Lastly, air quality is an important test.
Testing Existing Insulation R-Value 1

Existing insulation should meet current standards for new construction. 

From mineral wool to radiant barriers, spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, foam board insulation, blown in cellulose insulation or some other less common form such as sheep’s wool, denim or others, each is measured in terms of its R-Value.

In Chicago, current standards are measured in R-Value ( the resistance to heat escape ) measured on a scale from 0-70 for all intended purposes of this example. 

  • Attics is R49-60 
  • Sidewalls R21
  • Cantilevered Floors R38
  • Transition Walls R21
  • Basement Walls R13
  • Crawlspace Walls R21

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