Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing Services Compliment Insulation By Targeting Conditioned Air Delivery

Duct Sealing In Unconditioned Spaces Should Be Completed Using Closed Cell Spray Foam When Possible To Provide A Complete Moisture Thermal and Pressure Barrier To Prevent Paid Conditioned Air From Escaping To The Exterior Before It Reaches The Conditioned Living Space.

Thermal Imaging of Heat Escape on Duct Trunks Before The Hot Furnace Generated Air Ever Reaches The Bedroom

Our thermal cameras can show you where most of your heat loss is coming from through the duct work.  From this photo, by the time the heat reaches the rooms, it’s lost 30% of it’s energy. 

You know what this means: Your equipment is working overtime which;

a) uses a lot more resources and money to compensate for the heat loss in an effort to keep your home comfortable and

b) puts more wear and tear on your heater minimizing it’s life span and upping care and replacement costs. 

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How does duct sealing work?

As we mentioned in the photo above, by the time heat has reached your desired floor and/or room, it has lost 30% of its energy. This is your money slipping though the joints and openings (specially around the turns) the duct takes. By sealing up, or stopping, that leakage of heat, a larger percentage of of total energy will make it to your floor, cutting back the cost it takes to heat your home and put money back in your pocket.   Duct Sealing can be done with sealant only for a complete pressure barrier or better yet with two part closed cell spray foam for a thermal, moisture and pressure barrier. 

foam sealing

Why Duct Seal With Foam?

Get above and beyond efficiency from your heater when you seal duct work with foam.  

Ducts are inherently leaky because of joints and gaps, and sealing the duct work will help make the insulation as effective as possible. 

This means the air you pay to heat must pass through cold ductwork, where it will cool off, forcing your furnace to run longer

before crawlspace installed netting dense pack cellulose insulation green attic insulation
spray foam crawl space chicago spray foam near me crawlspace spray foam
  1. A combination of closed cell spray foam and cellulose insulation is the perfect pairing for an unconditioned attic ( vented attic ).
  2. Seal the attic floor and any ductwork with one part spray foam around seams or two part spray foam around duct trunks and delivery lines. 
  3. Duct sealing can be done with from inside the duct for lines traveling through conditioned spaces where thermal transfer is not a concern.  
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Duct Sealing Saves Heat / Energy By Delivering Warm Air To the Room

Duct Sealing in unconditioned spaces can save wasted heat escape before reaching the intended room. Get a free estimate from our team of insulation experts.

  • No more duct leaks
  • Better air quality
  • Pay less on your heating & cooling bills
Duct Sealing

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