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Chicago Bungalow Insulation

According to the Chicago Bungalow Association more than 80,000 bungalows are still standing today, this Chicago housing style represents nearly one-third of the city’s single-family housing stock.

Adding Cellulose Insulation To The Attic and Empty Wall Cavities and Air Sealing the Attic Floor  

Reported gas bill savings up to 50% electric bill savings and gas between 20% and 30%

A properly insulated and air sealed home will prevent drafts from the first floor and cold tile and wood floors and prevent heat escape through the walls and ceiling framing gaps in winter. 

thermal imaging scan bedroom over garage cold : warm air movement heat escape e4 flir cam green attic insulation
Thermography Scan of Bungalow 2nd Floor
knee wall insulation bungalow insulators near me attic cellulose dense packed loose fill blown in cellulose

Bungalow insulation means these areas are treated 1. floor 2. knee wall 3. ceiling vault 4. attic

This is the best way to insulate a bungalow. there are choices for insulation of these surfaces like closed cell spray foam and cellulose insulation blown in.  This prevents condensation and mold growth issues in the open space between the roof deck and conditioned space walls.

Green Attic Insulation Park Ridge Illinois Thermal Imaging Wall Insulation Inspection
Thermography Scan of Chicago Bungalow Exterior Walls

Common Bungalow Summer and Winter Problems

The thin framing behind exterior brick does not leave a lot of space for insulation between studs / framing.  Attic insulation is below current standards. The 1-½ stories above a full basement and low-pitched hipped roof (occasionally gabled), with wide overhangs make it difficult to achieve R49-60 value with limited space for  insulation 

Bungalow Thermal Scan and Insulation Proposal Today

Vintage homes, while built with high quality and sustainable materials, can be especially drafty in the cold winter months. Most of these homes still have little to no insulation if built before 1940 unless they were later retrofitted to meet today’s building standards. Building science air tightness of heated home have come a long way and now is the time to bring vintage homes up to date. Blown in insulation using plant based cellulose is the best option for existing walls. 

  • No more drafty rooms
  • Better air quality
  • Pay less on your heating & cooling bills
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  • Insulated with blown in cellulose and air sealed homes us less energy for heating or cooling to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.

  • Having a well insulated and air sealed home means your home will be an average of 10 degrees warmer in the winter (or cooler in the summer). Meaning, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly and save money on your utility costs!

  • Proper insulation and air sealing of your home results in reduced air infiltration rates. The average reduction achieved through our Energy Savers is 45%. That’s 45% less drafts and a significant increase in the comfort of your home.

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    https://www.chicagobungalow.org/energy-savers to check eligibility for program rebates on bungalow insulation and air sealing

    Dense Pack Basement Walls Cellulose Make Basement Warmer Insulation Between Drywall
    Dense Pack Walls From Interior Sound Dampening Heat Insulation Winter Comfort Efficiency Attic Insulation Wall Insulation Drill Holes Drywall Green Attic Mt Prospect Il
    Exterior Wall Dense Pack Blown In Cellulose Insulation

    Exterior Wall Bungalow Insulation with Dense Pack Blown In Cellulose

    Full Basement First Floor Walls Insulation – Blown In Cellulose Between Framing Studs fill gaps created by  outlet boxes and electrical supply pipes on exterior walls. Cellulose is loose fill blown in so it fills up the stud cavity to retain heat in winter and keep the walls warmer and keep heat out in the summer. 

    cellulose insulation
    Plant Based Cellulose Insulation

    Cellulose Insulation For A Bungalow Home

    Cellulose is an excellent alternative to spray foam because it does not require removing existing drywall like with spray foam. Cellulose Loose Fill Insulation can be blown in. 

    Model Total Rebates Program Name
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    Federal Tax Credit - Air Source Heat Pump - $300
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800