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    Pure and simple Cellulose Insulation Features

    Cellulose insulation has a functional lifetime of more than 50 years!

    There is no need to replace or maintain the insulation during normal building use. During the installation of loose-fill or blow in insulation, any waste material is added into the building shell where the insulation is installed, so there is effectively no installation waste.

    Good for the environment!

    Blown in cellulose insulation is produced primarily from post-consumer wood pulp (newspapers), typically accounting for roughly 85 % of the insulation by weight. Cellulose insulation is treated with fire-retardant. Borates and boric acid are used most commonly and account for the other 15 % of the cellulose insulation by weight.

    cellulose insulation

    Cold Rooms Over A Garage? Cellulose. Existing Walls With Fiberglass Performing Poorly? Cellulose Can Solve It. New Construction? Cellulose. Existing Attic Needs Upgraded R-Value? Cellulose

    Sound Control

    Cellulose provides very effective sound control to minimize outside noises and between rooms (if the interior walls are insulated). Many people only focus on the energy savings that can be achieved with blow in cellulose insulation but overlook the benefits that come from improved sound insulation. If you have ever walked into a house that is not insulated you will immediately notice that noises from outside of the house are “louder” than in an insulated home.

    Fire safety

    Besides saving you money, cellulose insulation also provides extremely effective fire protection capabilities. Tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® show that Cellulose insulation provides an effective 1 hour fire rating. This will slow the spread of a fire allowing you more time to escape any danger. This is because cellulose is specially treated using Borate Compound Chemicals as a fire retardant in the manufacturing process to meet or exceed all fire safety requirements.

    Mold Resistance

    Cellulose significantly decreases the risk of mold even beginning to form. Not to mention blow in cellulose insulation has the lowest burn rate out of a insulation materials making it incredibly safe for you and your family.

    Pest Control

    Cellulose insulation is treated with boric acid, which is an efficient pest hindrance. When insects/pests absorb or come into contact with boric acid, it kills the creatures and they can not contaminate your insulation.

    Air / Vapor Barrier

    Air infiltration is almost as important as R-value in the thermal performance of a building. Infiltration of unconditioned ambient air means that heating and cooling systems must expend more energy to compensate for the infiltration.

    cellulose fire resistance

    Blow in Cellulose Insulation Tops Fiberglass in Standards

    Blow in Cellulose Insulation is covered by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Specifications (ASTM). The ASTM covers several material properties, including:

    • R-Value
    • Flame spread
    • Smoldering combustion
    • Density
    • Corrosiveness
    • Odor emission
    • Moisture vapor absorption
    • Fungi resistance
    • Adhesive/cohesive strength (spray on only)
    green attic insulation cellulose loose fill blown in insulation

    Loose Fill Premium Class 1 Cellulose Insulation is the best choice for attic floors. It is blown in with high pressure truck mounted machines. THIS is the final step in our attic treatment process. This final step provides the R-Value ( Resistance Value) protection against heat escape from the living space while providing superior heat protection in the hot summer by preventing heat to travel through the insulation to the living space ceilings. This lowers your run time for your electric significantly. Along with proper ventilation, proper pressure ( air barrier), your home is completely protected in all seasons.  

    Josiah Schubring
    Josiah Schubring
    Green Attic Insulation Client March 2021
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    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value These guys were fantastic! We had bad ice dam issues all around our building. I called Green attic because I heard they were the best! James and his teams came in and immediately started working on all of our ice issues. After the ice and snow was taken care of they right away start on any and all damage. We had a small time frame they needed to get it done in. Not only did they get it done in time but, they absolutely exceeded our expectations! Super Happy with Green attic’s work. We’ll be using them again if ever needed.
    Tamara Herrera
    Tamara Herrera
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    David, Romulo, and his entire crew are such a great team! It all started with the initial assessment by David, he was so thorough in explaining what needs to be done and why. He was even able to trouble shoot some issues on the spot! He had no problem getting dirty and crawling in to what I would consider a very small access panel, to show me pictures of the problems and come up with a good treatment plan. They were able to get me an appointment rather quickly and Romulo and his crew arrived ready to go! They were timely, courteous, careful, and communicated frequently with me. I was confident in their abilities to complete the job! I would definitely use Green Attic for any future needs and highly recommend this team!
    Michael Goodman
    Michael Goodman
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    Tim and his crew then came out to remove the old insulation, clear/kill all the mold in the attic, remedy issues that were causing the mold in the first place (insufficient ventilation and blocked soffits), and finally re-insulate our attic/basement. The work was intense, but Tim's transparency with the process and willingness to educate us on the problems that we were having were what sold us. We also appreciated that Tim was able to work in some added value into his services without charging us the difference.
    cellulose dense packed new construction walls 2x6 framing between studs
    • most general contractors advise their clients to make the switch to cellulose dense packed walls
    • significant difference is sound absorption / sound control
    • improved heat retention
    • heat protection from radiation (direct sunlight)
    • fire retardant / fire safety 
    • pest and rodent resistant 
    • mold mildew and moisture resistance
    • dense packed insulation fills gaps and voids otherwise left open with fiberglass batts
    • prevents sagging at the top of the stud cavity
    • all-borate, liquid fire retardant is infused directly into the fibers, resulting in a more effective insulator at the price of competitive blended products

    • cellulose is the best method of insulation without removing drywall
    Cellulose R Value insulation comparison
    Green Attic Insulation installs R60 17.5" on every job!
    Dense -Pack Existing Empty Stud Cavities
    Dense Pack Cellulose Is The Best Way To Insulate Existing Drywall In Living Spaces
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    Dense Packing Cellulose From Exterior
    Dense Pack Cellulose Is The Best Way To Insulate Existing Drywall In Living Spaces
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    Dense Pack Garage Ceiling
    Cold Room Over Garage? Dense Pack the Ceiling of the Garage with Cellulose Insulation.
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