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Blown In Insulation
Between Studs

Cellulose Blown In insulation between framing keeps the heat in the rooms in winter and keeps the heat out of the conditioned space in summer. 

Best for Exterior Wall Insulation and Cathedral Ceiling. 

Great for sound-dampening basement ceilings. 

Dense Pack Blown In
Insulation Garage Ceiling

Cold bedroom above the garage? Cellulose is a perfect choice insulation. Our Premium Class 1 insulation is   non toxic mineral infused fire, mold, pest resistant plant based. Choose a warm cozy healthy home with controlled air quality and temperatures. High Powered Truck Mounted Machines deliver a fully packed stud cavity with R3.5 per inch. 

Blown In Insulation
Between Ceiling Framing

Blown in insulation between framing prevents heat escape in winter and keeps the heat out of the conditioned space in summer. 

Cellulose is Best for Exterior Wall Insulation and Cathedral Ceiling. 

Great for high ceilings with no attic. 

Closed Cell Spray Foam Outer
Walls Of Your Home

If your existing home’s walls are 2×4 framing instead of the newer thicker 2×6 then Spray Foam Insulation is a difference maker over traditional insulation materials. With increased r R-value and heat escape in winter and heat intrusion in summer, you can pay less every month with lower maintenance costs and live more comfortably.

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If you are looking for a company that couples outstanding work with outstanding customer service, then Green Attic Insulation is who you should definitely call. I truly wish I would have called them years ago as I have been putting off suspected issues that centered around extreme temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, along with poor ventilation, within my attic.

Theo James

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James is prompt, thorough, and personable -- responded to my website inquiry right away and made it easy to schedule an appointment (still haven't heard back from the competition -- that was three days ago). He provided a detailed and professional quote within minutes of being on site and saved me from spending $20k on an unnecessary new roof! I'm glad I contacted Green Attic.

Emilia Munro

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Highly recommend! Green Attic is thorough, responsive, and professional. Although it has only been a month since we had the work done, the results are clear. Our house is more comfortable, while our gas consumption is down ~30% and electricity is down ~25%.

Branden Griffiths

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    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    Federal Tax Credit - Air Source Heat Pump - $300
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
    BayREN Home Plus Program - $800