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Green Attic offers full-service basement remodeling in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

A “green” home can still be a highly-functional and styled living space, and basements are no exception. If you’re looking to add an extra bedroom, children’s play area, fitness room, or state-of-the-art entertainment system, the interior designers at Green Attic can maximize your home’s potential through a basement remodel.

Green Attic delivers an outstanding experience from the first meeting to the final inspection of your dream bathroom. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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With basement remodeling, the possibilities are practically limitless. Whatever you imagine, we will help you achieve! As part of your basement remodel, our expert designers and builders can help you with any of the following needs and more:

Green Attic can transform your basement into an entertainment room that can both function well and make your parties more fun. Hiring Green Attic to go the extra mile to make your basement energy-efficient and sustainable is the best way to ensure your money is well spent. 


Green Attic can work within any budget, in any sized space, and with an open-space or multi-room interior. Some of the amenities we specialize in include: 

Whether you are repairing or upgrading your existing basement or starting from scratch, Green Attic will build you the eco-friendly living space of your dreams. Plus, if you’re interested in building a Passive House Basement we can ensure you the insulation and preparation of your basement walls and flooring will allow for year-round thermal comfort. For any remodel, we highly recommend waterproofing your basement.

We strongly believe that each client deserves a custom basement that reflects the family’s spatial needs, usage patterns and style. We want to help create the basement of your dreams — no one-size-fits-all solutions or design templates at Green Attic. We promise to work closely with you to ensure that every detail is considered. We help you solidify your ideas, turning them into a practical renovation plan that results in a beautiful end result.

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Highly recommend! Green Attic is thorough, responsive, and professional. Although it has only been a month since we had the work done, the results are clear. Our house is more comfortable, while our gas consumption is down ~30% and electricity is down ~25%.

Theo James

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James provided a detailed and professional quote within minutes of being on site and saved me from spending $20k on an unnecessary improvements! I'm glad I contacted Green Attic.

Emilia Munro

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If you are looking for a company that couples outstanding work with outstanding customer service, then Green Attic Insulation is who you should definitely call. I truly wish I would have called them years ago as I have been putting off suspected issues that centered around extreme temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, along with poor ventilation, within my attic.

Branden Griffiths

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In the Chicagoland area you need to have between R-38 and R-60. Realistically, you should be at R-49 or higher. We recommend R60 because insulation will settle over time.

If you live in an older home, you should have more insulation because it is likely not air sealed the same way a newer home is.

The right type of insulation to use really depends on how each home is built. If you have dropped ceilings, we can often use spray foam insulation. However for the attic blown cellulose insulation works best. Fiberglass is recommended in basements wall below ground level. 

Let our insulation experts talk to you about your home and what would be best for you.

Attic insulation cost is between $1.50 and $3.50 per sq. ft for R49- R60 Cellulose or Fiberglass.  . Close cell foam insulation price will range from $3.50 per sq. ft. for R21 to $7 per sq. ft. for R49.

Price will vary depending on the type of insulation we use, sq. ft. of the house and roof or wall structure.

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Model Total Rebates Program Name
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
Federal Tax Credit - Air Source Heat Pump - $300
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $1,000
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800
BayREN Home Plus Program - $800