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Do not treat the mold temporarily. Ask for a 5 year warranty. We treat the CAUSE.

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  • Attic Mold identification – Mold can appear green, white, and black in most attics. Typically it will be in organic circular groupings, this is important as not to be confused with black water stains on the sheathing from leaks or black water stains around nails from condensation. 
  • Mold in attic causes – the primary cause of mold growth is moisture followed by poor air flow ( ventilation / circulation. ) 
  • Attic Mold Treatment – treats the cause of the mold by air sealing the attic floor, insulation to current optimal standards, and proper ventilation. Mold itself is killed, stain removal applied 2nd to give the wood a clean restored healthy look. 
  • Attic Mold Prevention – can be performed to ensure the organic (wood surface) of the sheathing is protected from future growth by applying a clear coat over the wood. 
  • Attic Mold Regrowth – is possible if air sealing and  ventilation is not resolved, or if stored items such as cardboard boxes are re-stored in the attic. 

Don't Hesitate When Dealing With A Mold Problem

Mold Removal needs to be swift and effective. Read more below to learn why you shouldn’t procrastinate with mold. 

Your health:

Mold spots are a very serious threat to the well being of every individual in your house.  Mold can lead to many respiratory problems for anyone regardless of their age or physical health. Your pet can and will be affected negatively as well. Sneezing, itching wheezing, all with a lack of fleas/ticks are signs mold may be an intruder in your home.

Why our customers trust us to remove the mold:

Stripping away the infected area will not solve the mold problem. Unfortunately most of the time, mold will return. The truth is unless the area is treated as properly, mold spores that cling to dust and other organic materials will fester and bloom into another problem area. 

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I need attic mold removal ASAP

Our mold removal means we locate and treat the source of the problem

If you want to do this right, and prevent the inevitable re-emergence of mold, you need to treat the area as well. This will eliminate the chances of mold coming back with a vengeance an you spending more money on another remediation.  

An important factor in getting rid of mold, is eliminating the recipe for mold. Baffling allows air flow between insulation and the roof. This ensures moister doesn’t sit in one spot and create the optimal conditions for mold to start growing.  

mold removal
Mold removal
Mold Inspection and Infrared Camera Inspection
Mold Test Services

Scan Area

Visual inspection of customer indicated water damaged and/or mold odor areas using FLIR Thermographic scan and moisture meter to identify areas of high moisture.

Attack Plan

Includes quote for eliminating the cause of the mold and providing a 5 year warranty. Warranty is applicable when mold treatment, mold prevention, and power fan ( solar recommended) are all completed.