When To Remove Existing Insulation? Fire /Water Damage - Infestation - Asbestos

When to Remove Existing Insulation

Vermiculite ( with Asbestos)

Note : if vermiculite is discovered licensed testing must be done before proceeding with removal. If vermiculite tests positive, licensed remediation must be performed prior to Green Attic Energy Smart Attic Treatment Plan.

Infestation ( Animal Damage )

Common Illinois Critters found in attics. : Least Chipmunk, Plains Pocket Mouse, American Deer Mouse, Northern Grasshopper Mouse, Ground Squirrel, Raccoon

Fire / Water Damage

Fire damaged and water damaged insulation has significant to complete R-Value Reduction. Removal is recommended Prior to Green Attic Energy Smart Attic Treatment Plan.

Storage Deck / Cellulose Insulation

Save the existing insulation When Possible

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4 reasons to keep existing insulation 

  • additional R-value
  • Decreased Landfill
  • Increased Density Base Layer Insulation
  • Material Savings 

It’s first important to understand where your house is loosing air. We handle that for you and even show you our process and the results! With 1000’s of blower door tests performed annually , we apply existing data to locate unintentional air leakage. Insulation is supplemental to sealing the building envelope.